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PORTERS & Matrons

Building ONE offer a complete commercial, general cleaning and janitorial service for your facility. Our PORTERS & Matrons perform a multitude of general and specialist cleaning tasks to keep your facility spotless, leaving you free to focus on your business, employees and clients.

We provide day PORTERS & Matrons but can also fit in with your business hours and needs. Our experienced teams of PORTERS & Matrons typically perform the following tasks:


  • Spot Cleaning

  • Cleaning Internal Windows & Glass

  • Gathering & Emptying Trash

  • Sweeping, Mopping, or Vacuuming Floors

  • Cleaning & Stocking Restrooms

  • Cleaning Spills & Other Stains

  • Removing Odors

  • Making Minor Repairs

  • Cleaning & Patrolling Entrances

  • Cleaning Cafeterias, Staff Areas & Conference Rooms

  • Emergency Cleaning


In addition to keeping the inside of buildings clean and orderly, some of our PORTERS & Matrons work outdoors performing the following tasks:


  • Gathering & Emptying Trash.

  • Sweeping Walkways.

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DOWNLOAD Our Porters & Matrons Factsheet Here.

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