WINDOW Cleaning

Building ONE is specialized in the professional cleaning of windows and glass, with vast experience in this sector. Our WINDOW Cleaning teams use specific processes and the best products for each case or type of window cleaning.

Climatic agents, snow, and dust gradually make a small film, which is deposited in the windows, reducing your visibility and blocking natural sunlight. In addition, fingerprints can produce a sense of carelessness and neglect if not eliminated. Most often, you take care of the facility but forget the importance of cleaning of the windows.

WHY Use Professional 

Window Cleaning Services?

IMAGE: The image that a you transmit is one of the most fundamental factors in the decisions your clients, suppliers, financial institutions and everything that surrounds your business makes. It's a differentiating element between you and your competition, and therefore allows your business to position itself in the minds of customers. It is important to give a good first impression to the people who visit your facility. 

SAVINGS: Hiring the services of a specialized cleaning company such as Building ONE this work will be completed in less time and a much more efficient way. In addition, we have the tools and products necessary to perform the correct cleaning, both inside and out. You will not have to worry about buying the materials yourself, saving you time and money!

EXPERTISE: Keep in mind that each building, and each type of crystal may require a different treatment. Building ONE knows which methods and which products are the most effective for each type glass pane. Your windows will shine and stay in perfect condition for longer, without any scratching or being overshadowed.

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